Did you say Tomato Ramen?

Yes, you read it right. A ramen shop called Taiyou no Tomatomen,  (click 太陽のトマト麺 to check out their menu), nicknamed “Taitoma” (a combination of taiyo and tomato) whips up wonderful bowls of tomato ramen that costs just about ¥700-800.  *If you want to visit any of their shops, please click here. Google translate would be very glad to assist in the translation. ^^


Regular tomato ramen

Ramen with a tomato soup base. Unlike its cousins, this ramen does not have much meat. Well, a little. To keep the carnivores happy. Plus, meat adds flavor, making the tomato ramen taste like… ramen. The locals describe it as a ramen with a good Italian feeling – noodles + tomatoes. And because it’s light in the tummy and all healthy, it is most popular in summer.

What’s basically in the ramen: regular ramen noodles, thin slices of pork, and komatsuna.

Komatsuna (小松菜), known as Japanese mustard spinach in English, gives the ramen a bitter-y sweet taste. Tomato gives it that tomatoey tangy taste, one that’s enjoyed when eating tomato pasta. A pretty interesting combination for the taste buds. Got my attention and I would definitely want to try another version of this. The one with cheese toppings, perhaps.


Tomato ramen with cheese photo from 太陽のトマト麺

The best way to enjoy ramen, is as they always say when serving, “atatakai uchi ni tabete kudasai” (温かいうちに食べて下さい) – [please] eat it while it’s hot.

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