Giant Sinkhole in Fukuoka

Gigantic sinkhole swallows intersection in Japanese city

A 7-to 8-meter-wide hole was first reported early Tuesday, according to Motohisa Oda, a crisis management officer from the city of Fukuoka. Nearby residents were evacuated, and five major roads cordoned off in Hakata ward in Fukuoka’s business district.


8 thoughts on “Giant Sinkhole in Fukuoka

    • Yes, Japan has small earthquakes everyday. I believe there was a magnitude 7 quake in Mashiki, Kumamoto – it’s 100 km away from Fukuoka, sometime in April. Could have helped this one develop.


  1. They make for crazy photos. There is a famous sinkhole that occurred at a major crossroads in Guatemala. the aerial pictures show a black hole with no visible bottom – buildings teetering on its edge. It’s spooky stuff. Google it.

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    • They don’t know the actual cause yet, but the government has been working on a subway project and they think this has led to the creation of the sinkhole.

      “What causes them?
      Sinkholes mainly occur in what is known as ‘karst terrain’; areas of land where soluble bedrock (such as limestone or gypsum) can be dissolved by water. With cover-subsidence sinkholes the bedrock becomes exposed and is gradually worn down over time, with the holes often becoming ponds as the water fills them in.

      With a cover-collapse sinkhole this same process occurs out of sight. Naturally occurring cracks and small voids underneath the surface are hollowed out by water erosion, with a cover of soil or sediment remaining over the top. Eventually, as the hole expands this cover can no longer support its own weight and suddenly collapses to reveal the cavern underneath.” – excerpt from “What are sinkholes, how do they form, and why are we seeing so many?” from

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