Karaage is one of my all-time favorites. Do you know what it is?

I think I would also want to try her Salmon & broccoli spaghetti with white cream sauce… Mmm…

YUKINO @Japanese home recipes has made it possible for Japanese food lovers outside Japan to recreate healthy and delicious Japanese foods right in the comfort of their own homes. Think: okonomiyaki, sushi…

Do drop by her blog, follow- if you like what you see, for more mouth-watering recipes.


Japanese home recipes


If you are interested in Japanese cuisine, you should know how to make karaage, Japanese style fried chicken! Karaage is one of the most popular menu in Japan. s__2785287Maybe when you go to Japanese style bars (izakaya), in almost 100 % you can find karaage in their menu. My English husband is always happy when his bento has karaage! What makes karaage different from English (or American?) style fried chicken is that we use potato starch to make a batter. In Asian countries, we often use potato starch for cooking to make soup sticky. If you do not have potato starch in your house or you can’t get one from the super market, you can use corn starch.

Karaage is often served with a cut of lemon. One of the characteristics of Japanese cuisine is mild/not strong taste. This is because Japanese cuisine is often seasoned only…

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