Snow Festival!

So I flew to Hokkaido two years ago for the annual snow festival. Below are some of the highlights of the festival.

An artist putting in some details on a fish.

This was taken at Susukino.

At Shiroi Koibito 白恋人 (one of Hokkaido’s well-known chocolates) Here, we can watch them create one of their candies at the Candy Labo corner.

Oops! Almost didn’t fit!

A small house made of snow, called a Kamakura.

Ice sculptures displayed in the middle of the streets of Susukino. Since the actual event hasn’t started yet, vehicles were allowed through. At this moment the participants were still busy getting their works of art ready.

A line of mini ice sculputures.

The sun was up, the snow was melting, and people were suddenly disappearing from sight!

“Watch where you step,” was announced over and over. But how’s that possible when the eyes are busily marveling the sights ahead?

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