Mt. Fuji Mountain Race

I myself didn’t know that such a race up to the peak of Mt. Fuji exists. I am not a runner, much less a marathoner, but I’m putting this out there for those who might be interested in joining such an amazing event. 

Check out the link for Bald Runner’s full story. Below is a snippet of his blog.

The first time that I knew about this iconic Running Event held in Japan was when a group of Filipino runners joined this event 3-4 years ago and it did not create any “noise” or “trending” on the Internet. If I am not mistaken, this is a running event which popular among “Skyrunners” or maybe, among “mountaineers”. I am not even sure if these runners were able to reach the Finish Line (Summit of Mt Fuji) within the prescribed cut-off time of 4:30 hours. To add mystery to this event, nobody is “bragging” or let me say, saying that they have joined or finished this event. It could be that they are not my friends on Facebook or subscribers or readers of this blogsite.

After I have finished the Tarawera 100K Ultramarathon Race in Rotoura, New Zealand, I’ve read a story or article about a New Zealander/Kiwi Runner who won this event who happens to be a Olympic Gold Medalist in middle distance running. The said Olympian also won in one of the past editions of the Jungfrau Marathon Race in Interlaken, Switzerland. Through this Kiwi Runner, I was inspired to have a try on these two running events.

Read more via: Mt. Fuji Mountain Race

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One thought on “Mt. Fuji Mountain Race

  1. Lol, I’ll pass — tho I could have won a race down Mount Misen on Miyajima island…ran down that thing like a madman trying to make a boat/train for a dinner reservation… 😀

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