Walking Japan: Arashiyama (Bamboo forest)

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Arashiyama was one of the few tourist sites I was determined to visit during my 8 days in Kyoto. It’s mostly known for its trail of bamboo trees and I had only seen pictures of that trail, so I thought it was just one, big bamboo tree forest. How wrong I was…

Arashiyama is a big site with bridges over a huge river, shops, and various walking trails, the bamboo tree trail being one of the shorter trails that takes only 8 minutes or so to complete… I was expecting to have a Mulan moment where I dance in the midst of the tall bamboo stalks whilst I outsing Christina in “Reflections”.

When will my reflection show, who I am, INSI–I–I–DEEEE20170312_144710.jpg

When I got to the bamboo trees, it was a not-so-intimate trail with the trees blocked off behind a fence, so it’s not like I could walk amongst them…

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