Japan’s Search for Girl Power, or How Should We Call It?

If this is the case, I don’t have any girl power then. 😂👍

Fortune Favours the Action

Japan is all over Girl Power. Celebrities talk about it in mass media, women of all ages use it to compliment their female friends, it is used in advertisements, usually for products aimed at women. In the West, when we hear this word, we think about women rocking their careers, being more integrated in the society, having the same opportunities as men, but in Japan it has a drastically different meaning.

In Japanese it’s called 女子力, or ”Joshiryoku”, where 女子 stands for a girl, and 力 means power. Translated directly, we get Girl Power. This term is also used in articles that introduce this Japanese phenomenon to non-Japanese speakers. However, is it correct to use the same word to describe such different ideas? Considering the difference, I would translate it Power of a Girl, and I’m going to explain why.

Usually it is used in the conversations in the following form: ”女子力高い” or ”女子力低い”…

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