All Giggly and Excited


Seeing this, won’t it make one all giggly and excited?

Aboard the special Disney train, I could hear all the excited (yet hushed, yes hushed… it is the expected train manners) talk among the riders about how they’re going to spend their day at Disneyland.

Disney knows how to set the mood, and I’m not complaining! In Tokyo, especially in Tokyo station — the jump off point to the resorts, one can most certainly know who is going to a Disney Resort. This particular creature would be donning any Disney themed shirt, with a matching hat, cutesy headdresses or headbands, fashionable Disney sunglasses.

I got myself a shirt when I was there. It would be my go-to-attire (to be one with the crowd) whenever I get the chance to revisit this Wonderland.

via Ambience

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