My fair share of pink

Spring is coming up! These early blooming sakura tells me that it is coming. Yipee!


Does this mean that sakura season will be a wee bit early this year? Or will they appear at around the usual time — towards the end of March up to early April. Mmm…

In the meantime, say hello to Kawazu-zakura. These bloom around February, the earliest blooming sakura. One of the great things about this type of cherry blossom is that they don’t drop so fast. They can “hang on” for about a month. (●^o^●) We got lots of time to enjoy their wonderful company. Plucking the flowers from the stems is a big no-no, but it’s alright to collect the fallen ones.

And, as a time-honored tradition,  “The Kawazu-zakura Cherry Blossom Festival” is held during the blooming season. Of course, the town of Kawazu has a matsuri or festival.

Check out this link (PDF) for more details in English: kawazu-zakuracherryblossomfestival

For other languages (Chinese, Japanese, or Thai), check out this website:

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