Happiness is coming

I decided to take a break from all the Japan stuff and put something in here as a note to myself (and everyone) that a little positivity can go a long way.

Life in a foreign land can get really tough sometimes. New culture, new lifestyle, new language (for me! And everyone else who’s on the same boat as I am), and all other new stuff one needs to get used to in order to survive with a smile. At times we need our best buds for a drink, but they’re too far away for the moment for a sudden nightcap.

The “rituals” are really not that complicated. I hope you’ll enjoy the read! ^^

It’s easy to complain and find excuses in life. What good does that do to you? Life should be enjoyable and fun! Being happy is healthy and it can also make people around you happy as well. With these 10 quick and easy rituals to help you, every day is going to be so much […]

via 5 Ways To A Happier and Healthier You — ephlabo

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