Eating at Shutter speed ^^

Who wouldn’t be inspired to eat at shutter speed with this sinfully delicious apple pie at Shutters? 

Not only do they have this yummy yet fattening pie, they also have really soft and chewy spare ribs which is full of flavor. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. 

Unfortunately, those soft ribs disappeared quick as lightning (none left for a photo op). We just totally forgot to document them. 

I grabbed a few photos from Shutter’s page on Tabelog to share with you. Credits to the owner of the photos. 

This is their official website:, but there’s not one bit of English there. Sorry! But you can browse through the food menu in that website. 

Or, find them thru Tabelog, a great food navigation system (if I can call it that!) Click here for their English Tabelog site. 

I am not sure if the restaurant has an English menu, but you could always ask for one. Recently most restaurants have an English menu ready.

The restaurant we went to is in Jiyugaoka 自由ヶ丘. From Shibuya station 渋谷駅, one must go to Tokyu Toyoko line 東急東横線 and get on the train that’s going towards Yokohama 横浜市. It’s a 14-minute ride to Jiyugaoka.

Of course, I had to hit the gym hard afterwards to burn all the calories I consumed in one sitting. (^^;)ゞ 

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