🐬Kamogawa Sea World🐬

A wonderful post on Kamogawa Sea World by Thoughts of Sheryl. Thanks for letting me reblog this!

Check out her blog for reads on her adventures in Korea and Japan.

Thoughts of SheryL

Summer in Japan can be really hot. And yet, ’tis the season when people still go somewhere and have a good time despite the scorching Mr. Sun. To my advantage, I grew up in a tropical country where foreigners think that summer is an all year round season. 😀 That being said, summer in Japan doesn’t really bother me. Feels like home. 😀

This season is probably the best time to go to amusement parks and water parks. Danny and I opted to go somewhere where we can encounter the ocean world. I don’t know but I’m a sucker for marine species. No matter how unfamiliar they are to me, they truly amuse me.

Kamogawa Sea World is located in Chiba. More or less 3 hours away from our place by car depending on traffic. Thanks to Danny for driving all the way there. 💞 What I liked about the place…

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