Bessho Onsen in Nagano prefecture and Hanaya Hotel (別所温泉)

I hope to visit this beautiful place one day.
For now, I would like to share this wonderful post by MA by So Shi Te.

MA by So Shi Te

There are many areas, where are famous for onsen (hot spring bath) in Japan and each of them have their own uniqueness in terms of the quality of onsen itself, so it is rather hard to pick the best one because there will be personal preferences for what onsen should be etc depending on each individual, but I will introduce my favorite onsen hotel in Bessho, Nagano prefecture.

Nagano prefecture is relatively close to Tokyo and you can easily visit there by Shinkansen, so I highly recommend you to visit Nagano prefecture while you are in Japan. It will take about 2 hours by Shinkansen from Ueno station in Tokyo.

Zenkoji (善光寺)in Nagano city is the most famous temple in that area (When you are in Nagano, it is certainly worth visiting there) and I used to visit there regularly because my grandma used to live in a small onsen…

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