Chilling out at Odawara


Just finished touring the insides of the castle of Odawara (小田原城 Odawara-jo). It’s a great tour if you know Japanese. (≧∇≦)b

Actually there’s a bit of English (yay!), but it’s basically just the introduction of every era, or should I say, chapter of the story of the Odawara castle. Most of the details are written in Japanese.

Took this photo while eating a banana under the sakura, under a 7-degree weather. Brrr! Samu~i desu! 寒いーです! It’s cold!

On my way to the castle grounds, found this little creature under some bushes. There were two more of them, sleeping somewhere, a few feet away from this chubby lil one. 

They now have a new attraction within the castle grounds. 

One can dress up as a ninja, a samurai, or as one of the townswomen of Odawara for ¥300! This can be found within the castle grounds. Marvelous♪ヾ(●´∀`●)ノ

Of course, you can also choose to feed the pigeons, but I’m seriously not encouraging it as they’re getting too fat for their own good. (*´艸`)

This is all for now.

(* ̄▽ ̄)ノ~~ mata ne♪

One thought on “Chilling out at Odawara

  1. Mel: I wonder if we’ll be there next month?
    Suan: let me check the drive itinerary.
    Don’t understand why the cat is out there in this freezing weather. Then, again who understands cats?


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