12 Reasons Why Tourists Love Tokyo

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Wandering Soul Scamper has cited 12 reasons.

What makes Tokyo so attractive for you?

Wandering Soul Scamper


Tokyo has been the most expensive city to live in the world last 2013 and the title was snatched by Singapore the following year and now Tokyo is ranked 5th. Despite the high cost of living in Tokyo, Tourists still love to visit the place.

For me as a tourist in Japan, the following are the reasons why tourist has fallen in love with Tokyo.

  1. Shopping Centers

The most go-to place when talking about shopping centers is the GINZA district.  It is the home of the most sophisticated department stores and boutiques. There’s nothing that can beat the traditional stylishness of Mitsukoshi line of department stores like the Mitsukoshi -Isetan. For more contemporary feel, there are stores like Chanel, Dior and Cartier too. You can also visit the known Takashimaya department store in the time square.

  1. Gardens and Parks

Tokyo is also packed with the wonderful selection of…

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