Being an Intern, Part 1

So… Why a peeking cat? I’m taking a peek at the world of the infamous salaryman and OL. An office worker is expected to wear suits even in winter. Yep! It’s cold. Especially my toes. Sometimes they feel like they’re going to fall off, but I just can’t wear boots to work. Oh, I probably can, but I’ll have to carry an extra bag for my black work shoes. メンドクサイ…Mendokusai… it’s too much of a hassle. Well, winter in Tokyo isn’t that cold – about 10 to 0 degrees Celsius. 

I have been an intern for about two weeks now. I am still trying to get used to it. Japanese skill is definitely required to communicate with your colleagues at least. The company I am in right now is young and so it’s not as rigid as I imagined. 
There were many times that I met their questions/comments with a blank stare as my brain has been working in English and suddenly someone speaks in Japanese. 

I probably look very foolish every time that happens. ( 〃▽〃)

But still, expectations are high… will power is needed to survive. With the right attitude, I believe can do this. Ganbare! 

I don’t know how many parts I will write about my experiences. 

Merry Christmas, by the way. 🎄

Christmas is not a big celebration here. It’s just another work day and a reason for dating with one’s special other half. (●^o^●)


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