Short Blog Party!

I’m sorry to announce that adding links to blog party with the blue frog is finished. ( ノД`)… However, please feel free to browse through the links left behind. You may also leave your links in the comments section below.

Link Up Party! Come in, leave your links with the blue frog, and enjoy increased traffic!

Click on the blue button below to add a chosen post you’d like to share and it’ll be posted as a thumbnail. Voila!

Don’t be shy. This is a great opportunity! Come on in. Try the blue frog. Sip it. Chew it. Inhale it. Enjoy. Have fun. Link up!

Clicking on the blue frog will show you the thumbnails of the links posted. If you’d like to add yours, there’s a blue “add link” below the thumbnails, click it, follow the directions, and your links will be added to the group. It’s that simple!

Feel free to drop by the other blogs as well. Put a smile in their face, make new friends. ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

Update: I got 17 links enjoying the party. Any more? Share your links by the blue frog above!

Here’s how I got this party started:


18 thoughts on “Short Blog Party!

  1. Such a great idea – thank you for your generosity with other bloggers! I had trouble finding the “Add your link” after clicking the blue frog. I was able to see other’s posts. I’m using Chrome on a Mac. Anyway, I’m leaving my link here in case this works.
    I’ve lived in other countries for extended periods, and can relate to some of your challenges – what an interesting time!

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