All Star Tendon 天丼!

Tendon 天丼、is short for tempura ぷら and donburi ぶり.

The All Star Tendon, as named by Tempura Tendon Tenya Asakusa Tokyo (click on the restaurant name to go to their English website), is a classic tendon, served with hot miso soup 味噌汁.

The vegetable tempura is deep fried to perfection- the batter is soft, while the vegetable inside is soft yet a wee bit crunchy. I never had any problems biting into the squid, shrimp, and scallop tempura as these were soft and none had that rubbery texture. The oil was well drained, so I didn’t have the pleasure of wiping away oil dripping from my lips as I bit into the tempura.

Aptly called “All Star” because all the famously delicious tempura players, eh pieces, are present!

  • Squid tempura イカ天ぷら
  • Shrimp tempura エビ天ぷら
  • Lotus root tempura レンコン天ぷら
  • Beans tempura インゲン天ぷら
  • Maitake tempura 舞茸天ぷら
  • Scallop tempura ホタテ天ぷら

Itadakimasu! いただきます‼ 🍴🙏

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