Cute Halloween Encounter

Halloween last year. While walking along Takeshita Dori in Harajuku, I saw a strange gaggle of kawaii dead hovering around something… small. Armed with smartphones and in high pitched 5-year old girl voices, I heard various versions of “Kawaii kawaii~,” “mecha kawaii~”, they were busily taking photos of… that small thing. Curious, I joined the cute congregation of dead to see what it was they found so cute.

And I found this.


Had to cover their beautiful faces due to the unwritten privacy rules. =p

So it’s you! Well, the reaction is understandable. It’s not everyday they get to meet little guys like him. Poor thing. It was shivering in the cold.

Kawaii janakute, hontou ni kawaisou desu yo.
[It’s] not cute, [it’s] really pitiful.

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