A toast to the summer bugs 🐞


“Hello there! Wanna play hide and seek?”

Summer! Or natsu 夏 in Japanese, is hot, muggy, and noisy. Noisy because the bugs love summer. It’s their time to shine and play.

The cicadas come out and chirp away; the beetles show off their shiny carapace and majestic horns; the butterflies flutter about, displaying their colorful wings, all in the hopes of attracting a mate. And then the kids and their nets come out too to catch ’em all! Sounds familiar? (*^ω^)

A little Pokémon trivia. The founder of the world famous Pokémon game, Satoshi Tajiri 田尻 智, was into bug collection when he was a kid. Later on this love for bugs led to the creation of the Pokémon game. The genius behind the world famous game is a highly functional autistic, which I find truly amazing. You can read more about him through here and here.

I was fond of bugs too when I was a kid. Caught all sorts of bugs — butterflies, dragonflies, moths, and spiders at one point. They were such fascinating creatures (still are) that they got me very interested in their life. Back then, I probably annoyed my mother to her wit’s end trying to keep them in the house. I still am curious about them, but I’m nowhere like Tajiri san. (^o^;)

Here’s one, an inchworm, we caught lurking in one of our plants. Too bad this one won’t fit in a Poké ball!


“Uh-oh! I’m caught red-handed!”

Summer is almost over, unfortunately. It’s time to say goodbye to these beautiful (and icky to some) creatures that make the season sound merrier. Hopefully the kids didn’t catch’em all so that we can meet the next generation of merrymakers next year.

Were you a bug lover as a kid?

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21 thoughts on “A toast to the summer bugs 🐞

  1. I can’t say I’m a bug lover, but I did enjoy reading this post about bugs. I will say I do enjoy the insect symphonies on a warm summer evening. Insect fun fact…did you know you can predict the temperature by listening to the chirps of the crickets?

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  2. I love reading your blog about bugs and how it is connected to pokemon. Suddenly, some bugs and reptiles are the scariest creature to me but I’m a pokemon player 😁.

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  3. I was really amazed at how Tajiri’s interest in insects led to the idea of the Pokémon game. He’s truly amazing, the fact that Satoshi Tajiri, has a disorder. His idea gives joy to so many children and adults as well.
    But there have already been some drawbacks to the game. Players have been reported getting hurt while playing the app because they were distracted. I just hope that people playing this game would be extra careful.

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