Greening Up

Since I left my home country and started my new life in Japan, I have missed all the greens I used to have around me. Now that I’m getting familiar with the (abundant!) rules about managing my household and myself, I felt confident that I could start greening up my tiny personal space.loveheartplants

I saw these beauties at a 100-yen shop. They are called, love heart (ラブハート) because of the leaf’s shape. When I first got here, these were being marketed as a perfect Valentine’s present for your loved one. Intrigued, I got one for myself, but I am yet to see its offspring.

I wasn’t content on buying plants. How about growing one from seed! Nice challenge huh. Good timing! I just got myself a nice batch of mini tomatoes.


Thanks to the internet, I got some really good tips on growing them from seeds. They are flourishing in pots, and hopefully the pot is enough to get them to bear fruit. The thing about living in the metropolitan area in Japan is that there is just not enough space for a proper garden. Everything has to be in a pot. (‾¬‾)tomatoplant

I would love to show the seedlings’ growth, but I don’t have a very good photo of them. I’m sorry!

And here we are! It’s been about two months now since I planted the seeds. These are the yellow cherry tomatoes.

Look at them now, they’re starting to bear fruit! I can’t wait to harvest them! (^ω^)

My veranda is a jungle now, but I don’t mind as long as I can get to enjoy watching these babies grow.

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