Japanese pet creates adorable “Where’s Waldo?” game — RocketNews24

Meet Tona, the little animal who’s charming the Internet by hiding inside its owner’s stuffed toy collection. The only thing more adorable than a fluffy pet is a sleeping fluffy pet, and when it’s napping inside a mountain of soft plush animals, it really seals the deal! Take a look at Tona, who’s hiding inside this pile of comfy-looking characters.…

via Japanese pet creates adorable “Where’s Waldo?” game by napping in pile of soft animals — RocketNews24

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One thought on “Japanese pet creates adorable “Where’s Waldo?” game — RocketNews24

  1. I too would delightfully fall asleep in a basket full of fluffy stuffed animals! But I don’t think I would be as adorable as Tona-kun. (*^ω^)

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